Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go All the Way

Forget Me Not {eco gifts & greetings} is proud to provide you with beautiful, functional products that are fun to present to friends and clients while also being easy on our planet. My best-selling product is a handmade, fully customizable, eco-friendly CD sleeve - a fun alternative to boring plastic CD cases. The sleeves are constructed with recycled Kraft paper cardstock, vintage thread, cotton fabric and handmade wooden buttons.

I've worked with many photographers to create custom CD sleeves for the photo discs they create for clients. The sleeves are "green," but I won't stop there. There's no sense in creating eco-friendly products if I'm going to ship them in oversized boxes full of those awful packing peanuts. No, I go all the way.

Not only do I find uses for almost all of my scraps and have very little waste, my final products are lovingly wrapped in reused or recycled tissue paper and packaged in reused or recycled boxes that fit the item that I'm shipping. [quick story: Just a couple weeks ago I ordered a gift online from a big company and was so disappointed by the enormous box that the tiny item came in. What a waste! It will be politely noted in my feedback.] The reused/recycled boxes are then wrapped in a used paper bag. (Yes, I don't always remember to bring my reusable bags to the store, but I refuse to take home plastic.) My favorite part about using recycled packaging is how utterly adorable and totally unique each package is. I get giddy when I send out "happy mail" (as Micaela would put it).

To read more about how you can go green with your packaging, check out TrashN2Tees "Green Your Packaging" post by clicking {HERE}.