Monday, September 26, 2011

Newsprint Nails

Got a few minutes? How about a fun manicure before you recycle that old newspaper?

| what you need |

+ some free time
+ rubbing alcohol
+ small bowl
+ nail polish
+ 10 small rectangles cut out from newspaper

| what you do |

Step 1

Paint your nails. You can use any lighter color (you want to see the print, don't you?) or just do a clear coat. I really like the way a silver base looks with the print, but I did pink here. Let your nails dry completely.

Step 2

This is the part that requires a little bit of patience. Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into a small bowl. Dip one of the newspaper rectangles into the alcohol and press it onto your first nail. Hold it there for about 30 seconds. When you peel it off, the print will be on your nail!* Repeat for each finger.

*Remember, everything will be backwards, so don't worry too much about the words.

Step 3

Give your nails a nice clear coat, and go show 'em off!

Get creative: try pictures, comics and crosswords, too! I did the Notre Dame logo from the sports page...but, yeah, it's backwards on my nail... Other little pictures would work great though!

Have fun!