Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 is coming!

I'm so excited for 2011! Changes are in store for both me and Forget Me Not. In fact, Forget Me Not has already started getting its makeover. The changes are small, but I'm incredibly excited about polishing up the shop.

A couple days ago I received new minicards from Moo. If you haven't been to moocards.com, they have much more to offer than just business cards, and you should definitely check it out. I also ordered custom Moo stickers to go out with all of my orders. So fun and too cute! If you order from me, stick these stickers anywhere (no vandalism please)! Stick them to your planner, notebook, pencil cup, memo board and gifts; send them on letters and packages; or simply pass them on. Spread the word about Forget Me Not, Etsy and buying handmade. =)

As for me, I'm happy to dedicate 2011 to focusing on PoSiTiVe energy. I want to be more aware of what I say and do, avoiding saying or doing anything negative. This awareness also ties into finding inner peace, and I am very optimistic. Read more about finding inner peace here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Down with Plastic...forever

My CD sleeves have gotten a lot of attention from photographers, and I am thrilled about the custom orders that have been coming in. It makes me smile seeing people avoid the traditional plastic CD cases.

I also enjoy supporting other Etsy shops by getting my supplies through them. For example, most photographers want a certain color scheme or style of print on the fabric, and I am proud to send them to shops like FabricArtShop. Yuko has many, many great prints to choose from, and orders arrive in just a few days, allowing me to get my orders out quickly. I'm so proud to be part of the Etsy community. I appreciate all of the sellers that I work with and highly recommend Etsy to everyone I meet.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's that time of year again!

While holiday shopping, please keep in mind your local, independent businesses, and buy handmade whenever possible. If you're doing your shopping online, Etsy is the easiest and best place to go for anything and everything handmade. I can't post the gifts I've found, for obvious reasons, but I can proudly breakdown my purchases for you...

2010 Holiday Gifts

43% Handmade from Etsy
31% Local/Independent Businesses
25% Other (Amazon, Chains, etc.)

Avoiding chains and other big corporations will always be difficult as long as I'm working off of wish lists, but, who knows, maybe next year I can proudly announce that ALL of my purchases were handmade and/or from local independent businesses. : )

Supporting local businesses is VERY important, but I tend to look for handmade items first. I just love how every item has a background story, and I know exactly who made it and where they're from. Earlier this year I ordered a shirt from The Velvet Vixen, and I am ecstatic every time someone complements it. I am delighted to say, "Thank you; it was handmade by Sarah in Canada!"

The Velvet Vixen

Of course, Forget Me Not supports buying handmade, too! Most of my fabric and supplies come from fellow Etsy sellers. The customer service is always outstanding - friendly people, personal attention, custom orders, and super fast shipping. I've developed some wonderful friendships through the "buy handmade" community, and I couldn't be happier. xo