Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom CD Envelopes

I absolutely LOVE making these custom CD envelopes! Here is what I've been working on for the lovely Kim:

We are using 3 different fabrics for this order, all from the Etsy community.

Where did I get the adorable rustic buttons? I made them!! Matt and I went stick hunting last time we were up at the lake. I took our treasures home to be sliced, drilled and sanded, and came out with 65 of my very own buttons. These buttons go perfectly with Kim's earthy/outdoorsy style.

The CD envelopes are a great alternative to plastic CD cases and are a joy to make because they are totally customizable. I can do any color paper, any color thread, any fabric, and any logo. It's all up to you! I love working with the buyer to come up with the perfect set-up.

Now that I've gotten the hang of making my own buttons, my next goal is to make the envelopes out of my own handmade paper. I think the handmade paper envelopes would be great for weddings. For now, though, I'm enjoying working on Kim's order. : )

Happy weekend!


  1. i love love love them!!!!

    just like i loveeed your letter! i had been thinking of you and so it was so awesome to catch up! i need to make you a mixed tape... of course the packaging may not be as cute as yours ;)