Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Addition to the World!

Amara Leigh, our friends' brand new baby girl, just came home Wednesday. Hopefully Matt and I will get to see her tonight. Here are some fun "new parent gifts" that we got them.

Another great KnockKnock purchase, perfect for keeping the new daddy organized and out of trouble (seriously, read the list!). The bottom of the notepad reads "Getting out of the house in two hours flat."

And for when there is about some apologies:

“One night, you'll take your perfectly dressed baby girl out to dinner with friends. She will act like an angel. And as she happily munches on her french fries, she'll loving look at you and puke all over the table. That's when you might want one of these. Or twenty. Nothing says, "I'm Sorry" better than a card that says, "Sorry." It's a New Parent Apology Card and it's sheer genius. 30 cards”

So…I hope these gifts will get some use…well, the checklist anyway. It would be awesome if the apology cards never get used – good sign!

: )

Side note: I've been SUPER busy this week. I even missed both kickboxing classes, so I'm feeling pretty cow-ish. BUT, I did start and finish a pretty cool project that I will share tomorrow (hopefully).

Happy Weekend!!

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