Monday, May 3, 2010

Mix CD Swap!

My first swap ever, Tiffany's Mix CD Swap, was SO much fun! Picking out the music was fun, of course, but, oh my gosh, the crafty part, as unnecessary as it was, was just too much. My mind was racing a gazillion miles an hour from noon until 8 when I finished. It's been a while since I just let loose and did whatever popped into my head without having to plan something specific - creativity is like crack. The whole 8 hours felt like 30 minutes. See what happens when you do something you love? : )

I wanted to make CD envelopes out of recycled kraft paper, so I started by cutting everything down to the right size. Then, I thought if I were a CD, I'd want to be in something a little more comfy than just cardstock. I had some good scrap fabric from old pajama pants that I cut up into pieces just a little bit bigger than the cardstock pieces.

I ironed folds all the way around to make nice edges.

Then, I put some bright colored thread in the sewing machine, sandwiched the fabric in between the paper, and stitched the edges together to make envelopes. I really liked the stitched border.

…Sewed a button on the flap, stuck some hemp cord in the bottom...

…Add the discs and playlist cards, and voila! Ready to swap! Here are my playlists:


I had a map that was the perfect size for two 8.5x11 envelopes. Because maps are so busy, I printed the shipping info on some bright (REALLY bright) translucent vellum paper to put over the map so everything was easy to read. I stitched everything closed and finally had two packages ready to be shipped out.

Today I got my first two mixes in the mail. I was so excited to get Kjrsten's (Have a Cute Day) package! I tore it open and was thrilled to find that almost ALL of the artists were new to me . I was also pretty excited that she included a TV On the Radio song, since they are pretty cool. ; ) I've been listening to the new mixes all evening, and I love Kjrsten's style. Each disc has it's own theme: one "Dreams," and the other "Summer." Both discs are going onto my iPod for my morning bike rides to work.

Isn't her cd folder cute?! I've been missing out on the decorative tape! I'm on my way to Etsy right after this to find some of the awesome tape for myself.

Thank you SO much, Kjrsten, I LOVE them!!


  1. Oh my goodness your cd covers are way too cute. I feel bad now that mine dont live up to that standard. It was definately a fun swap.

  2. hahaha thank you, Megan! it was DEFINITELY a fun swap. I was extremely excited about it and went WAY crazy! That's what I enjoy doing ; )

  3. These are adorable. I love the cartography one.

  4. I LOVED everything about your package and cds! Your cds are on their way, so keep and eye out :)

  5. what truly beautiful swaps!!!! i love it!

    you are indeed a crafting goddess! :)

    and dave matthews, norah jones, AND radiohead-- what awesome choices steph! so glad you had fun in this swap xoxo