Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{ Australia }

Matt went to Chicago yesterday to send his brother off to Costa Rica for a mission trip. It's always odd when Matt's not there when I get home...leaves me with a sort of empty feeling. Although wonderful, Daisy's hugs and kisses aren't quite the same as Matt's, and when I don't get a proper greeting, I don't know what to do with myself. It just throws me off a little bit, and I end up pacing, or cleaning/moving random things.

Just for kicks, here are a couple pictures of our precious Daisy Buchanan who greeted me yesterday:

When Matt got home he had a surprise for me - a book:

I'm always bugging him about moving to Australia, and I was just recently telling my new friend, Ann (from Australia), that Matt played along with me for a while, until he realized I was serious. this like getting a puppy from your husband when you say you want to have a baby? "Why do we need to move to Australia, Baby, when it's all right here in this book?" Moving or staying, either way, I thought it was incredibly sweet of him to see this book and think of me. I love his surprises. I can't wait to sit down and learn a little bit about my dream home...or vacation - as long as I'm with Matt it doesn't matter which ; )

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!

peace & love

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  1. Lol! Still giggling at the idea of Matt being like "Come on, we don't need to move to Australia - this book is JUST like being there!" That's so, so sweet that he bought it for you. Maybe you can photocopy your favourite pages and not-so-subtly leave them sticky-taped around the house with little notes in the margin?

    If you ever come to Sydney, you are MORE than welcome to take advantage of my excellent tour-guiding abilities. I can show you all the quirky parts of town they leave out in the grand old traveller's books! x