Friday, February 11, 2011

Handmade Buttons by buckshotkenny

My favorite Forget Me Not project so far has been my custom CD sleeves. I love working with buyers to create personalized orders, and I've been spending almost all of my free time doing just that. One thing that makes my CD sleeves unique is the button and cord closure. I started making my own buttons out of downed branches last summer. I enjoyed experimenting with different branches and learning how to use all of the tools, and I loved the look of the finished, rustic buttons. I was making the buttons on an as "as needed" basis, which was fine in the warm weather. This winter I learned a valuable lesson, and I regretted not making extras.

Orders kept coming, and working out in the freezing cold garage to slice branches was not fun. Then, I ran out of branches. !! Where do you find good, dry branches when everything is covered in a foot of snow?! I had orders to work on, and I needed help.

I searched for wooden buttons on Etsy and found a few shops with buttons similar to my own. I sent out some convos inquiring about bulk orders, and, what seemed like just minutes later, I got a response from buckshotkenny.

Kenny is so wonderful to work with. He is extremely friendly and pleasant, my orders arrive within just a couple days, and his buttons are perfect. I couldn't have found a better seller! My first custom listing was up in no time, and it wasn't long before I was back for more...and more, and more. Kenny went out of his way to create the perfect button for my projects - size, finish (or no finish in my case), even the size of the holes! Each time the buttons come in the mail, I'm amazed at how quickly they were shipped, and I'm always 100% satisfied and impressed. I am so proud to use Kenny's buttons for my orders, and I always look forward to doing business with him. I can't thank him enough for saving me!

My orders of plain, wooden buttons seem ridiculous compared to Kenny's other products. He is incredibly talented! Check out his amazing jewelry boxes!

...Just another example of how amazing the Etsy community is :)

I do want to make my own wooden buttons once the weather warms up again, but I definitely plan on continuing to order from Kenny in the meantime, and for all of my large orders throughout the year. I figure that way I can enjoy creating my own little handmades without getting overwhelmed, and I can keep doing business with my fellow Etsy shops.

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