Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pine River {Day 3}

Friday morning we were up and excited to give it another shot. Friday's run was the shortest, with an estimated time of 3 hours. Perfect! Now that we knew what to expect, we packed food, more drinks, and we all made sure to soak ourselves in bug spray and sunscreen. We were prepared and man did it pay off. It was such a great day! After Thursday's kayaking boot camp, I was much better in the boat, so I was able to relax, and I had a fantastic time chatting away with Matt while we floated down the scenic river. (attitude flip, huh?) The boys in the canoe were working better together, too, and didn't dump. Because we were prepared with plenty of sandwiches and drinks, and because we knew it wasn't going to be a long day, we took our time and stopped at several little beaches along the way. We ate, drank, skipped rocks, and all was good. To top it all off, Friday is the big night at the campground. Everyone comes out and hangs out till they drop. After such a long, wonderful day in the hot sun, I didn't last very long. Matt walked me to the tent and I was out. {more to come}

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