Friday, July 30, 2010

Pine River {Day 5}

Time to go home. We all agreed that it was a blast, but we were excited to get out of there and get into our own beds. 5 days was perfect for this kind of trip – any longer and we’d spoil it.

I highly recommend this trip to anyone in the Illinois/Indiana/Michigan/Ohio area. Our campground was fantastic. Our campsite comfortably fit 2 big tents, a trailer, the Jeep, a fire pit, a grill, and two picnic tables, and we still had room for another tent. All of the sites were well maintained, showers were always hot, and the bathrooms were always clean (even after the Friday night party). The camp office had a friendly staff and little things like snacks, drinks, toilet paper, dry bags, ice, etc, and they had a huge barn full of firewood for sale. Two thumbs up for Coolwater Campground!

We rented our boats from Horina Canoe & Kayak Rental. This crew was great! A tandem kayak for three days was only about $100. So, two people - $50 each. Not bad! The owners/staff was incredibly friendly. The owner greeted Matt by name everyday! Horina’s took care of our transportation, too. So, for example, Horina’s would follow us to Point B, where we drop off the Jeep. Then we’d get in their vehicle, with the boats, and they drive us to Point A. So, we were able to end our runs right at our vehicle. All included in the $100! Two thumbs up for Horina Canoe & Kayak Rental!

The first day was rough because we were all inexperienced, but we caught on quickly and had a blast! We want to make this an annual trip with all of our friends. Maybe next year we can get more people to go. I can’t wait!

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