Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Full of Love & Zen

Everyone I talked to at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 had good feelings about this year, and man...we were right! I know it's the end of March, so this topic may seem a little late, but it's time for a quarterly evaluation. I've actually stuck to my resolutions! This is great because one of my resolutions was to actually follow through with my resolutions. hehehe I'm guessing most people (not all) forget about or give up on their resolutions by February. Not me, ladies and gents; I'm on a roll! I'm going to agree with my mom (shocking) and say that "even" years are good years. Really, I think just going into a new year with the right attitude does the trick. Instead of hoping it’s going to be a good one, MAKE it a good one.

This year is all about being a better me. I've tackled the traditional "resolutions" - eating better, exercising, etc, but I've also opened myself up quite a bit, which is something I really wanted to focus on. I've been doing my thing, however dorky it is, and staying open minded, and I'm feeling great! I got back into tap class (though at the wrong time and now I have to wait until June), I've been trying out kickboxing, I've spent more time on my Etsy shop, and, wow, I started a blog to get myself writing (this is surprising – thanks Micaela!). I'm getting myself together and overall I think I'm on the right track to a better…everything.

So I've been feeling great, but what's even more exciting to me is that it seems like everyone around me is feeling great, too! Maybe I'm high on sunshine today, I don't know, but I feel the need to scream I'M IN LOVE WITH LIFE. I was just talking to a friend about the wonderful weather we're expecting on Friday. 80 degrees and sunny…in Northern Indiana!!! This Indiana winter really had a lot of us frustrated, so the sunshine is sooooo welcome! My friend said he had a good feeling about this summer, and I do too! I'm lucky to be surrounded by people with great attitudes - it's incredibly contagious and I hope we keep it spreading. Be love see love. = )

Chin up people, summer is coming!

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