Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TODAY I LEARNED...send a sample first.

My first custom order may be coming back to me = ( Buyer ordered some adorable custom muslin drawstring bags...125 of them. We had a lot of conversation, discussed the measurements, and thought we had everything figured out. The bags were for little soap wedding favors, but it turns out they are too small. We were both pretty disappointed. She loves the bags, which I appreciate, but what can she do with 125 of them? Of course I am offering her a full refund; it's just a sad story. Now I know, SEND A SAMPLE FIRST! A sample would’ve saved me a month of cutting and sewing and my buyer the disappointment. 100% satisfaction is every seller's goal (I would hope), and this breaks my heart. XO Buyer, we'll fix this!

On a lighter note...MIX CD SWAP! Sign up by April 12 = )

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  1. Thats too bad. It would be perfect for soaps.