Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome! This page will be a huge, ongoing project for me, a long overdue writing exercise. I might be shy at first because I'm new to this, but after a while I hope to be able to open up and share my deepest feelings. For now, I'd like to share my everyday thoughts and experiences. I'll write about my Etsy adventures, swaps, friends, family, current events, things that should be current events, etc, One thing I really want to do is share at least one thing that I learn each day. I know myself pretty well though, and odds are I won't write daily. So, whenever I remember, I'll share at least one thing that I learned that day. ; )

Ah-hem, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie...Steph, Stephie, Nut...whatever really. Let's see...24, living with my amazing boyfriend of 2 years, Matt [hi, Matt!! : )) ], from a family of 6: mom, dad, sisters, Kassie and Nikki, and brother, George. I'm a proud co-owner of a 3 year old pup, Daisy Buchanan (the name suits her, and if you haven't read The Great Gatsby, you need to), an overly energetic boxer. I work full time in a part of a law office that doesn't have any windows, but the vacations that Matt and I go on make up for that. Oh, and I'm probably slightly OCD...well, maybe just a little bit of a perfectionist. Obviously, I don't freak out about grammar or writing, but if my stapler is backwards when I come into work in the morning, I will throw a fit (privately, of course).

Like I mentioned before, I'm new to this. It will take some time, because Matt and I share the good computer, but eventually I'll have this page looking pretty, and there will be lots of great links. To do list: banner, profile pic, links/badges. I will be sharing a lot of pictures, so I should probably get a new camera, too.

Oh! I want feedback! If you ever have something to say, don't hold back! I’m pretty open-minded, and I love hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions.

TODAY I LEARNED…being myself is not as hard as I thought.

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  1. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Stephanie!!! :) I'm SO excited about your pretty page!!! When you're big in the blogging world, I can say I knew you when ;)

    I'm in LOVE with your idea of learned lessons and getting to know more about you through this post- LOVE that your dog's name is from The Great Gatsby. Classic.