Monday, April 12, 2010

Etsy Love: SnuggyBaby

My new nephew is coming!! 12 days! I'm so excited to meet the little guy : )

Of course, I ran to Etsy to help me find the perfect little something to welcome the new kid to the planet. I fell in love with Snuggy Baby's shop, and found a beautiful baby sling for my sister. I love the print and the color.

I was shocked when I got our order in the mail the VERY NEXT DAY. It was beautifully packaged, with a pretty ribbon and a card explaining where to go for instructions and ideas.

I love the babywearing concept - it's extremely beneficial to both the parents and the baby. The SnuggyBaby motto is "Every baby needs a sling - Every mom deserves one." Hopefully, my sister will get a lot of use out of it!

My niece, Giuliana, has been the only child princess for almost 3 years. So, to make sure she doesn't feel left out, we got a little sling for her babydolls, so she can be just like mommy.

Giuliana is at the cutest age for opening presents. She was so excited to get a gift, but when she opened it, she didn't know what it was! It looks like just a piece of fabric. She held it up and said "umm...I opened it!" Then, when Matt and I were leaving, she said "Thank you for the clothes!" She'll understand when she sees baby brother in mommy's sling.

Our Special Deliveries

Thank you, SnuggyBaby, for these beautiful gifts! I'll definitely be back for my own someday!

SnuggyBaby also has a direct website and a Facebook page.

THIS WEEKEND I LEARNED...back up my files!!! On Saturday I discovered I had lost my flash drive. I was so sad; my whole life is on that tiny thing - my budgets, resumes and cover letters, christmas planning, Forget Me Not pictures and templates, college work...EVERYTHING - six years of work! I've never lost it before; I was a wreck. I was so mad at myself for not backing my files up to my computer at home. I looked everywhere for it and traced my steps back to every place I went on Friday. Then, today at work I thought of one more place, ran out to my car, and sure enough, it had somehow gotten thrown to the passenger side and was between the seat and the door. I was SO relieved. As soon as I get home I'M BACKING UP MY FILES!

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  1. sooo cute! :) and sweet to get one for your ADORABLE niece (love her name). PRECIOUS!

    and i am RELIEVED about your files!