Monday, April 26, 2010

One man's trash...

Is my treasure! I finally finished my "new" sewing cabinet! I posted pictures when I started (here and here), but just as a quick reminder, here's what this awful table looked like when I got it for $5 (antique sewing machine included) at a barn sale:

  The took the top and door off before I remembered to take pictures, but they were just as yucky. 

And now, after a little sanding, a little painting, and some new hardware, here's what my treasure looks like:
I still have to transfer my grandma's sewing machine from it's original cabinet into this one, but it requires taking apart the foot pedal to get the cord out of the table, so I want Matt to supervise ; ) As far as the cabinet goes though: DONE! I'm extremely pleased with the way it turned out...and now I'm trying to restrain myself from buying more junk furniture hahaha!


  1. ah it looks so beautiful after.

  2. Oh my goodness that looks so good. I wish I could do something like that, I wouldnt even know where to start. Your little nephew is gorgeous by the way! And I love your etsy shop, especially the little bags.

  3. Thank you both, so much! it was more work than I'm usually willing to do.

    Megan, I have a lot of plans for my Etsy shop now that the weather is warming up (thank goodness), so it won't always be so bare. : )

    Thank you for the wonderful compliments!!