Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old to New

Sooo....staining isn't my thing...or maybe the wood is just too dark…or maybe I didn’t do it right. Anyways, I started my attempt at staining an old sewing cabinet blue and, well, it's not turning out how I imagined.

Doesn't look very blue...

Plan B: Paint. I bought some really pretty light blue paint today, and hopefully I'll have the table painted by Thursday.

On to the details...Here is the original handle for the door of the cabinet:

That is getting replaced with:

Love it!

While I'm on the topic of sewing...sort of...here is a cute little storage box that Matt and Josh found at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It came full of thread and with scissors, ribbon, beads and sequins - those guys sure know me!

I love odd finds like this that I can put to good use. I washed it with dish soap and a sponge, and then got in the small areas with q-tips. Now it doesn't smell like my grandma's garage ; )

It had a spongy thing with it that I'm assuming is for pins...? It was yellow and not very pretty, so I took some scrap canvas and pinned it around the sponge for a cleaner look.

I'm REALLY new to sewing, so I didn't have much, just a couple small emergency sewing kits from college. Now, thanks to my bargain hunters, I have plenty of supplies AND a place to keep everything (I love containers). It feels good. Kind of like when you vow to start running and so you go out and buy a bunch of running clothes - that kind of good feeling. I don't know when I will need it all, but I have it, and it's all organized. Gotta love storage : )

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